20 Most Promising Metals & Mining Technology Solution Providers - 2015

The advancement in the IT industry, particularly in the area of Cloud, and Wireless technology, has enabled IT industry to provide services and products to Mining industry. These are aimed at optimizing productivity, creating a safer work environment, and reducing risks. Here, we present to you the Promising Metals and Mining Technology Solution Providers.

Company Name

Company Description

AssetPoint Provider of Computerized Maintenance Management Software /Enterprise Asset Management software (CMMS / EAM) solutions for companies.
Carlson Offers the complete suite of solutions, across the disciplines of data collection, surveying, engineering design and drafting, mine planning and modeling, construction estimation and machine control.
Centric Mining Systems Centric is the enterprise solutions software of choice for mining operations around the globe.
Datamine Provider of mining software technology and services that are required to plan, manage and optimise mining operations.
InEight Provider of technology solutions for the construction and engineering industry, offering a full suite of data visualization tools.
Intelex Intelex offers a library of software applications that enable you to capture, track and report on essential corporate data.
INX Software INX Software provides a wide-ranging view of the workforce and powerful tools for managing logistics, safety, competency, compliance, and procedures.
Maptek Provider of innovative software, hardware and services for global mining industry.
Minemax Covers the whole spectrum of strategic and operational mine planning,to achieve production requirements, maximize resource utilization, and optimize business value.
MineSight MineSight is a comprehensive modeling and mine planning platform, delivering integrated solutions for exploration, modeling, design, scheduling, and operation.
MISOM Technologies Miscom is an integrated information technology and mine operations product design firm.
Modular Mining Systems Provides open pit and underground mining customers worldwide with field-proven products that enhance productivity, safety and equipment availability and utilization.
Motion Metrics Specialized in developing advanced monitoring solutions designed to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity in mining.
Mtell Provider of software solutions for managing the health of industrial equipment.
Nexus Global A global asset performance management consulting company that has been offering customized, comprehensive solutions to organizations
Optym Optym develops advanced analytical solutions for the transportation and logistics industry Trucking, Airlines, Business Intelligence, Simulation, Analytics,and Mining.
Promine Robust mine planning software for easy and successful mining operations.
Rajant Corporation Rajant's Wireless solutions provide networks for Military, Mining, Oil & Gas, Homeland Security, First Responders, Telecommunications Service Providers and Public Safety.
Scanimetrics Providing wireless sensing products and solutions, which increase productivity,lower operating costs, reduce risk, and optimize asset management.
Threedify Provider of mining software solutions for 3D geological modelling, mine planning, design and scheduling, as well as open pit mine or underground stope optimization.
WipWare Designs and manufactures industry leading photoanalysis software and hardware that offers real-time analysis of materials in the field, laboratory, on-line production settings for underground and surface mining, quarries, aggregate production, forestry, and coal industries.