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Greg Bentley, CEO The mining industry is circumvented with deeper mines, social and geopolitical risks, rising energy costs, complex ore bodies, infrastructure shortages and resource scarcity. In such a scenario, mining companies are under immense pressure to accelerate efficiency, control costs, and improve safety performance. Forward-looking mining owner-operators are quickly realizing the importance of optimizing current sites with continuous infrastructure development to extract the target mineral or ore. From large to small mining companies, the key to survival is increasing productivity efficiency and curtailing costs by investing and participating in today’s game-changing technologies and analytics. Identifying this need, Bentley Systems, a leader in software development for infrastructure needs, has developed solutions for the mining industry to optimize mine operations and effectively manage assets. The company’s solutions help plan, design, and survey both underground and surface mines while supporting infrastructure for mines. Bentley’s solutions enable miners to create and manage spatially enabled digital data for their mines and infrastructure.

Bentley’s mine design solutions can help clients not only speed up their planning with the rule-based design but also provide them with the ability of on-the-fly scheduling and evaluation. The company’s mining applications ensure that clients can create optimal plans using multi-discipline conveyor layout that can further be refined for costs and footprints.

Managing the Complete Mining Lifecycle

As the initial step in the development of underground and surface mining, mine planning is an important part of the entire process. With Bentley’s mine design and planning solution—MineCycle Designer—miners can use an integrated design, evaluation, and scheduling environment to reduce planning cycles.

Bentley’s solutions enable miners to create and manage spatially enabled digital data for their mines and infrastructure

The solution allows users to combine digital terrain and geospatial data to enhance the development of optimal mine plans to maximize mining operations. MineCycle Designer intelligently designs underground mines through design automation and configurable rules to minimize errors and promote consistency. The solution also works with third-party mine scheduling tools to give users a single setup for planning.

Bentley’s MineCycle Material Handling solution empowers clients to boost the speed and quality of their conceptual designs. By comparing conceptual bulk material handling design options, clients can create and compare design alternatives to best match their needs and edit designs with built-in tools to move sections of a plant. The solution helps clients with all their design requirements including civil, structural, and mechanical with complete precision. Users can place trestles through structural tools, design haul roads using civil site tools, and model transfer station with mechanical tools.

Bentley also helps clients to accurately monitor the extraction process and compare it with the plans created to maximize resource utilization through its mine surveying solution— MineCycle Survey. The solution helps with the development, planning, and monitoring of surface and underground mineral extraction. Featuring a comprehensive survey of both underground and surface mining, MineCycle Survey enables miners to quickly capture data from sensors and render 3D mine model to validate planned extraction. Through this model, miners can calculate under blast, over blast, and other variances. In addition, the mine site model allows miners to understand and optimize physical mineral extraction obtained from surveyed site data and take decisions quickly.
Mining and Beyond

When talking about optimizing mining operations, water management remains a crucial aspect to carry out smooth operations. Bentley has successfully taken care of this aspect through its water management solution that helps in developing integrated water infrastructure design, modeling, and analysis to optimize the storage and usage of water in mining operations. The software gives clients complete control over determining the size and location of water pipes, tanks, and pumps to meet the fire flow and protection needs.

Bentley’s stellar mining solutions have proven to be of great impact for numerous clients across the globe. One such success story is that of Hatch—an engineering and development consultancy—which required adding a lump rescreening plant (LRP) to an existing iron ore. To fit the LRP into the existing operation, the team created a terrain model of the facility by recreating existing plant infrastructure. The team imported the project into MineCycle Material Handling that saved time spent on requests to receive terrain models. Bentley’s bulk material handling software allowed designers to provide clear designs to the client in a short time span, reducing resource costs by 40 percent and increasing efficiency by 33 percent. By optioneering the design of the LRP, Hatch was able to carry out clash detection in the early stages and extract high-level bills of quantities for estimating. The final model created using the software allowed the transfer of data to a leading conveyor design package, which offered technically validated data in a full 3D model with testing of options and support development.

As the driving force of Bentley Systems, CEO, Greg Bentley leverages his rich business experience of over two decades to lead the company in the right direction. With a passionate team of experts, Bentley is largely responsible for taking the company to new heights. Under his leadership, the company has developed a an extensive portfolio of products and solutions to address needs around creating and managing infrastructure, including roadways, industrial and power plants as well as utility networks. The software development giant is continuously endeavoring to expand its footprint in the infrastructure realm by introducing new solutions and acquisitions.

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