Combining Business Strategies With Technology Enablers For Optimal Results

Frederick Kunzi, CIO & Director- IT, Lee County Electric Cooperative

Frederick Kunzi, CIO & Director- IT, Lee County Electric Cooperative

Challenges in technology to meet needs of the utility industry

LCEC has invested in a strategy that is gradually enabling a more process oriented and web centric Enterprise. Three years into this effort which included the deployment of a Business Process Architecture and supporting BPM/SOA fabric, we are starting to see substantial returns through process improvement and automation initiatives.

Where vendors need to be better is to continue their effort for standardization, simplification and product quality. Very often they do not put enough effort in development. Thus, prematurely releasing products while hopping that IT organizations and consultants will finish the job! What would it look like in the SW retail market if MS would release a half backed product such as Windows? In short SW vendors focusing on enterprise markets can learn tremendously from the vendors operating in the retail business!

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