HyperSciences: Hypersonic Technology Crowd-financed to Revolutionize Drilling and Tunneling at 5-10X faster

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Mark Russell, Founder & CEO
Mark Russell, founder, and CEO of HyperSciences points that traditional mining and drilling methods are inefficient, time-consuming and have high operational costs. He had learned that, as a part of the Project REAM (Rapid Excavation and Mining) project, the US Bureau of Mines and ARPA (now DARPA), by using single barrel high-speed projectiles, were able to attain much faster tunneling. However, the process turned out to be immensely expensive. However, Russell reinvented the approach by repurposing the aerospace technology for achieving hypersonic speed. With expertise in aerospace engineering and having served as a lead engineer for Boeing and Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos’ Space company) for years, Russell was cut out to materialize the innovation. He also had immense knowledge on underground mining systems owing to his family’s rich experience in the field of mining. With support from the University of Washington’s technology program accelerator and funding from Shell, he was able to integrate hypersonic technology with mining and drilling operations.

“Using hypervelocity technologies, we are creating better solutions for drilling, tunneling, mining, and rock breaking. In Hyper Tunnel Boring and Mining(HTBM), they replace drill and blast altogether, with the projectile breaking 100% of the rock and in deep HyperDrilling, smaller projectiles are fired at hypersonic speeds just inside the middle of a drill bit that break down 70 percent of the rock, and the drill bit has to only ‘clean up’ the hole, like a reamer” says Russell. Realizing the global demand for minerals and energy, and the need for tunneling for efficient transportation, he instituted HyperSciences to eliminate the setbacks associated with traditional methods that use rotational energy for drilling and tunneling. The development of the company’s flagship solution HyperCore is funded, sponsored and recognized by Shell Game Changers considering its cutting-edge value-proposition and in-built scalability. By using low-cost chemical energy to accelerate projectiles to high velocities, the product helps in improving drilling performance, eliminating dangerous explosives, and reducing high capital and operational costs over legacy rotary machines and blast methods. The meteor-like impact created by HyperCore breaks and pulverize hard rocks under a wide range of ground conditions in tunneling and mining applications. Empowered by robotic methods and artificial intelligence, the company’s solutions deliver drastically improved performance in terms of speed, accessibility, and accuracy.

Using hypervelocity technologies, we are creating better solutions for drilling, tunnelling, mining, and rock breaking

HyperDrill is HyperSciences’ offering especially for oil & gas and geothermal deep rock drilling that is capable of increasing the rate of penetration by up to 10 times in comparison with legacy drilling technologies. It has successfully undergone engineering feasibility studies to evaluate its interoperability with conventional energy drilling methodologies. Leveraging the performance benefits of HyperDrill, the company’s geothermal solution is capable of reaching deep energy deposits. On top of that, HyperSciences’ patent-pending thermoelectric power generation technology provides cost-effective and scalable clean energy in the measure of Megawatts.

The company also tables HyperBreaker, a near-surface rock breaking system for construction, mining, and tunneling industries that adds value to projects by reducing rock breaking costs and time. Using multipurpose drill bits with a high rate of penetration, HyperSciences’ solution reduces operational cost by 60 percent as Russell points. It also cuts down the overall use of such expensive drill bits which helps companies to reduce expenses by 80-100 thousand dollars per day on land-based rigs and millions of dollars on offshore platforms.

With a mission for a healthy ramp-up, HyperSciences’ technical teams are continuously working towards enhancing its product stack by customizing it according to dynamic customer requirements. Today, the company is engaging with several renowned clients in the mining and drilling space and is planning for more strategic partnerships in the future by leveraging its engineering expertise.

Along with revolutionizing new industrial uses for hypersonics, HyperSciences is also has open a unique financing called crowd-financing, having already brought in $7M to-date and climbing. This round is a USReg A offering which is an SEC qualified “mini-IPO” where both accredited and non-accredited investors can invest as little as $1000 to buy shares in the company.


Spokane, WA and Texas, TX

Mark Russell, Founder & CEO

By using low-cost chemical energy to accelerate projectiles to high velocities, the company’s offerings foster efficient tunnelling and drilling