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Luiz Steinberg, CEO & President
Emerging technologies are set to change the way miners operate, delivering improved productivity while ensuring complete safety of the personnel. Advocating a more flexible production environment to fulfill the demand of miners, Modular Mining Systems have been at the forefront of building innovative products that optimize the entire mining cycle and help customers exceed production goals. The company offers a suite of products that are designed to maximize productivity by integrating optimized haulage fleet assignments, machine guidance applications, web reporting, and real-time communication networks. “Our service engineers have the technical expertise to uncover and address areas for improvement in real-time operations and maintenance,” says Luiz Steinberg, President and CEO at Modular.

Modular Mining Systems debuted in 1979 with its path-breaking, innovative, and most trusted fleet management solution for the mining industry—the DISPATCH® system or the DISPATCH fleet management system (FMS). The system comprises of state-of-the-art field hardware and communications software, which is equipped with features including GPS-based equipment positioning, equipment health monitoring, maintenance tracking, blending, and production reporting. Further, the company went on to develop the ‘DISPATCH® Underground’ system to maximize productivity by proactively delivering relevant information to each equipment, allowing the operator to make the right decisions.

"Today, mines are producing more material and more data than ever before, and both must be processed efficiently to be profitable," says Steinberg. Using the DISPATCH system as a springboard for further innovation, the company developed ‘IntelliMine suite’—that includes a range of solutions to help organizations optimize operations, and streamline the mining process, thereby allowing the workforce to reduce downtime and increase revenue.

Modular is committed to maximizing the value that our solutions deliver to the market

The suite provides an in-depth analysis of data received by the system and turns all the new information actionable while utilizing time and resources to the fullest. It also aids customers in maintaining a high level of supervision and transparency throughout mines, enabling decision-makers to stay on top of operations, from the face to the crusher.

Further, Modular’s MineCare 3—a real-time maintenance management solution—improves every aspect of maintenance management process by monitoring the health of the entire fleet in real time. It fully integrates with DISPATCH FMS and allows users to access and utilize operational data to help achieve maintenance goals. “Our powerful reporting and maintenance management tools integrate seamlessly to provide critical asset information,” adds Steinberg. The company offers over 175 OEM interfaces, giving customers the knowledge on equipment status and condition for components such as engines, tires, hydraulics, brakes, and electrical systems.

In an instance, one of the Modular’s customers was having trouble in identifying the health of the equipment, which was reflecting on its poor ROI. The client was looking for a solution that can help it gather the signs of component degradation and prevent their unplanned high-cost fix. Modular Mining systems' MineCare solution not only helped the client to examine vehicle health events and parameters in real-time, but also warn the asset health expert of conditions against pre-defined specifications. “Modular is committed to maximizing the value that our solutions deliver to the market,” says Michael Lewis, Vice President for Product Innovation.

Today, with over 650 employees and 10 offices worldwide, Modular saves customers millions of dollars each year through its most complete lineup of mine management solutions in the market.

Modular Mining Systems, Inc

Tucson, AZ

Luiz Steinberg, CEO & President

Provides mine optimization solutions to enhance productivity, safety, and equipment availability and utilization